Wednesday, September 22, 2010


She gave of herself,without thoughts of receiving.
Kindness and gentleness are her nature.
She was my best friend.
But I lost her.

My thoughts are always with her.
At times speaking to her, with no answer in return.
Yet, she left me wondering.

Does she ever think about me?
Does she even remember me?
Or the laughter we had together?
Even the tears we shared?

Years have passed without a word
only thoughts of hope.
But I still hold dear , the friendship
where two hearts care.
Pauline J Schloss.
(taken from the book--The Heart Speaks)

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Piece Of Clay

This morning I woke with the thought, that with all the gifts God has given me , I should be doing more for Him and myself as a person. In my effort to block out all negative thoughts, I open my book "The Voice of the Heart" and I read this poem.

A Piece Of Clay
He took a piece of clay
He broke the clay
Some parts were hard, some soft.
But He broke it in a tender loving way.
He held it in his hand and spoke.
He planned my destiny.
Only I did not ears to hear.
Nor heart to store His words.
He did not want me to hear them.
I would not have understood.
I would be afraid.
I would not be able to live by faith,
if I knew all that He had in store for me.
Maybe I would plead with Him
Not to let me go
Not To send me in this world of sin.
But to stay sheltered in His loving care.
With loving care and order,
He voiced the plan for my life
He knew of the attack of the enemies.
He knew of my failure and my victories.
He knew that walking this road of life
I would need him all the way.
So He made me a promise That,
He would never leave me nor forsake me
Somehow, my ears heard these words and my heart stored them.
Pauline J.Schloss.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Tiny fingers move across the pages

but the pages are blank.
Words of a hurting heart cannot be expressed on paper.
But three letters kept going around and around in the tiny head,
which belongs to the tiny fingers.
Tiny lips move, forming the words of pain.
"I was given to you."
"You were supposed to be my loving caretaker."
"You were supposed to love me,
you were to care for me , not to hurt me."
Was I not good enough for you?
why did you cast me away?
God created me, I am human,
I have feelings
I scream, why?
as I was ripped from your warm body.
Do you know that the pain of rejection was worse than
the burning of my skin and the dismembering of my body?
I was given to you.
God, my Father and Creator made me in His own image.
He chose you to carry me.
Just as He chose Mary to carry Jesus, His Son.
What if she had done the same thing?
Why did you reject me?
Why did you kill me?
Did you ever wonder if I was the one sent to care for you in sickness?
Or the one who would find the cure for AIDS or cancer?
Did you ever wonder about the joy and happiness
I would have brought into your life?
Did you ever wonder?
Tell me, I will try to understand.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quotes on Faith

1I water my wilderness with faith and suddenly it blossoms as the rose.

2.I now prepare for the fulfilment of my heart's desire. I show God I believeHis promise will be kept.

3.God's promises are built upon a rock. As I have asked I must receive.


This morning I woke with the desire to please my Lord. The word Faith came into my thought, I try to shake it but it would not leave my thoughts. You see all my walk with Jesus was define by my faith, but recently I am living with hope only and not by faith. coming into this knowledge I know without a doubt that something is wrong. During my readings I reconfirm myself to the fact that hope is a noun and I see it in one place looking forward. I see 'Faith' as a verb 'the action man': Faith knows it has already received and acts accordingly and it is for us as Christian to fully operate in that knowledge. This way of life will be pleasing in the sight of God Who said in His word that 'the Just must live by faith'. With my need to please my Lord , I will now exercise my fearless faith in three ways, by my thinking, speaking and acting. I am now unmoved by the negative appearance, therefore appearance will have to move because positive action will take its' place. I know that God's plan for you and me are built upon a rock and what was ours in the beginning is ours and ever shall be ours if we only take His Hands and walk in faith with Him.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day


This is Father's Day, but where is my father?

where is the man that fashion me in my mother's womb?

I need your hug father,I need your smile

I need to look in your eyes , to see if yours are the same color as mine.

I search faces on the streets,looking for one that resembles mine. I smile at fathers;

hoping my smile will remind you of the woman you slept with

when I was mother.

Father, where are you ?Do you ever think about me?

Do you remember the night I was conceived?Do you know or care about the hurt ,

the pain of not knowing you?

Did your father do the same to you?

I thank God that He allows us to call Him 'Father'

I thank God that He promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

I know with all my heart and soul that my heavenly Father cares for me.